Monday, April 20, 2009

17 lakh visitors throng Taratarini Hill Shrine during month of Chaitra

Report by Orissadiary correspondent; Berhampur: On the auspicious occasion of the fourth and last Tuesday of the holy month of Chaitra at the Taratarini Hill Shrine, near Berhampur city, Orissa, more than 2 lakh devotees visited the Hill Shrine from various parts of India and abroad for a Darshan of the Twin Goddesses.
It is believed that the month of Chaitra and the four Tuesdays of this month are famous for Shakti Puja in this Breast Shrine of Mata Sati. So, every year lakhs of devotees visit this shrine on these days. It is worth mentioning that this year during the holy month of Chaitra and particularly in the four famous Tuesdays around 12 lakh and on other days around 5 lakh devotees have visited the hill shrine. This year the number of visitors to the Shrine till the last Tuesday has surpassed the records of previous years with 17 lakh visitors so far.
It is noteworthy that the famous and the holiest Taratarini Hill Shrine is one of the oldest pilgrimage sites of mother goddess and amongst the 4 major ancient Shakti centers in India. Some of the great religious texts like the Shiva Purana, the Kalika Purana, the Devi Bhagabat (a contemporary text of the Mahabharata) recognize four major Shakti peethas (centers), like Bimala, Taratarini (Orissa), Kamakshi (Assam) and Dakhina Kalika (West Bengal, Kolkata) among the 52 sacred Shakti Peethas, which originated from the limbs of the Corpse of Mata Sati in the Satya Yuga.
This famous Hill Shrine is not only famous for its Shakti worship but also it is considered as a seat of Panch Devata Upashana or the worship of five types of believe in Hindu religion like the Vaishnava, the Saiva, the Sakta, the Ganapatya and the Soura. Different from other Shakti shrines, here Shakti is not the deity of fury but the deity of love and compassion. So, here devotees believe that not by giving offerings to the deity but with pure devotion and bhakti one can get the blessings of the mother goddesses.According to the traditions the main doors of the sanctum sanatorium of the temple were thrown open at midnight on Monday. According to the needs of the visitors and for hassle free Darshan, this time the Temple administration and the ‘Tara Tarini Development Board’ made wide ranging arrangements. The chairman of the Shrine Board and the Revenue Divisional Commissioner of South Orissa, other officials of the board and officials of the district administration were present to oversee the proceedings. The fair on the last Tuesday passed of peacefully and with this, the Chaitra festival of the hill shrine came to an end.

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